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Soho Living an award-winning Singaporean-based contemporary furniture manufacturer with access to international design and material resources. With Modern furniture in high demand stores like Soho Living Group Pte Ltd are appearing all over the world to provide for the masses. Soho living has production facilities in Singapore and Malaysia and has extensive experience in producing quality furniture for both residential and commercial sectors, providing items that include a vast range of contemporary office chairs, beds, lighting, sofas and Conference tables in Singapore.

Everything in this world has its time, including your furniture. There are technological advancements in telecommunication, space and transportation every day and everyone knows that. What they don’t know is that advancements are also made in fields like furniture. With new designs, structures, materials etc. being developed on a daily bases; It’s no surprise that people are having to change out their furniture for no other reason than it’s out dated and replace it with something modern. 

Soholiving can be your supplier for Modern Furniture Singapore doesn’t matter if its office chairs you need or sofas and beds for your home we are dedicated to Customer satisfaction, it is at the heart of the brand; which is why Soho Living also provides customization services to meet specific design needs. So if we don’t have what you want we will design it for you.

A specific area of furniture that has been under constant advancement and demand is office chairs. Due to their use; people sit on them while working usually for long periods, they have had to be continually improved upon to ensure they provide the utmost support while also being comfortable enough to spend all your office hours on them.  Office chairs as well as conference tables in Singapore have been on the demand a lot due to the increasing number of offices and business that continue to open across the country. 

Some of the Singapore Office Chairs we supply are:

·               AERIFORM
·               AEROLUS
·               ARGOT
·               ARKIO
·               ARTE
·               VOLO

Our online store allows you to completely customize your order i.e. you can choose the size and color of whatever item you want. When it comes to Modern Furniture Singapore there really is no one else like us as Utmost quality and fine craftsmanship are the hallmarks of Soho living. And as stated earlier Soho Living also provides customization services to meet specific and or special design needs of cliental who might want that special something, which is something the founder Ryan Chin continues to find great satisfaction in doing; transforming designs on paper into reality.

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